What brow treatments can I offer? Part 3 - Brow Tattoo

In this three part series we will discuss the difference between brow tinting, henna brows and brow tattooing.

Almost unheard of 8 years ago in the Australian market, brow tattooing has moved from being a niche service to being widely offered. Many lash and brow artists who started out as lash technicians or brow stylists have expanded their skills into microblading.

What we are seeing now in the industry are clients returning for a refresh of their brow tattoo. The colour may have faded, strokes will have softened or the colour has become too warm or ashy over time and needs correcting.

Unfortunately I have seen many brows come in with scarring from microblading in the tail areas of the brows. It is very hard to implant colour in scarred skin when they come back for a refresh. Scarring from microblading is usually due to technique and many microblading artists do not do this.

Using a digital machine to create a brow tattoo can be much gentler on the skin than using a microblade and can avoid this issue of scarring in the tail area. There is less trauma using a nano-sized needle to implant colour in the skin using a perforating action of the machine rather than using a blade to cut a line across the skin.

If you are doing a brow tattoo refresh on a client with scarring from microblading you may need to offer a powder brow or combo brow. This is because it is very hard to create a crisp line on scarred skin.

It’s also an excellent brow for clients that need their brow tattoo refreshing and hair strokes are not an option for them.

Powder Brows, Combo Brows, Microblading, Nano Stroke Brows are brow techniques and styles of brow tattooing. Powder Brows is soft edged brow with no hair strokes. It gives a makeup effect. Combo Brows are a combination of hair strokes at the start of the brows blending into a soft powder fill.

The trend in the industry worldwide is a move away from microblading to combo and powder brows and it will be interesting to see whether this continues to be the case. To a lesser extent, there is also a move away from microblading to nano strokes for creating hair stroke brows.

A brow tattoo appointment takes approximately 2 hours to do.