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Eyelash Extension Adhesives and Moisture

Eyelash Extension Adhesives and Moisture

Understanding what moisture does to your adhesive is important. Keep reading this blog to understand the moisture effect and the consequences for eyelash extensions application.

Eyelash extension glue is a resin which is cured by water. This is the chemistry of this glue. If your lash adhesive is exposed to moisture including humidity it will harden. Conversely, if the air you are working in is very dry you may find the lash extensions slip around and don’t grab onto the natural lash as you work. That’s why the lash glue you use has an optimum humidity to work in. Have a look at our infographic to find out which glue is best for you. 

If your glue in the bottle is exposed to moisture it become less sticky because it has already partly cured and therefore will be less effective to use. Your glue will appear gluggy and thick.

Using a gluggy, thick glue will affect your lash application. Your lash extensions will appear thick at the base, think of glue dots and clumps, and this makes it difficult for your clients to keep them clean. Shedded skin cells, oils and dirt can be trapped around the base of the extensions. In the long term this can lead to blepharitis. Blepharitis is medical condition which left untreated can cause lash loss.

Also, a thick base of glue clumps will prevent from new lash growth from growing out straight from the lash line. New lashes will find the path of least resistance and will weave and twist around to find space to grow out. This compromises the look of the natural lashes for the client and will also make it harder for you to lash when they come back for infills.

Moreover, too much glue on the lash line from glue that has thickened and become gluggy from exposure to humidity or moisture will make your lash extensions heavier than they need to be and can cause the natural lashes they are attached to shed faster. (Think of a full ripe fruit on a branch ready to fall.)


So how can I store my lash glue to prevent moisture from ruining its effectiveness?

Store your lash glue in a cool dark place. Once the bottle has been opened, keep it dry by storing it in a container or pack which prevents moisture from getting into the bottle. You can do this by storing it in a Magic Pack with a silicone sachet or in a jar of rice which is very effective. Both these methods will draw any moisture into the silicon sachet or rice instead. Make sure you put the lid back on your bottle immediately after dispensing some of the glue.

Our manufacturers recommend not store your glue next to your primer or lash cleanser.