Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Lash extension tweezers come in a range of pincer tips. We select tweezers that are easy to hold and need minimal pressure to pinch so you can lash back-to-back clients throughout the day without straining your hands unnecessarily.

Application tweezers are usually curved, L shaped or hooked. This makes it easier to grip the lashes.

Separation tweezers can often be straight or have a slight bend. It’s easier to isolate lashes with these types of tweezers and to see what you are doing.

Choosing what tweezers to use is a personal preference. Your choice will be influenced by how you sit, how the client’s head is tilted and if you are doing a classic set, Russian volume, using premades or promades, or the type of curl you are using.

Having a few different types of tweezers in your kit will ensure you have the right tools for the job every time.

It’s also wise to have a backup pair of tweezers. If you drop the tweezers you are using, it can bend the tips and they will no longer grip properly. Trying to lash with a damaged pair of tweezers can slow you down and cause hand strain.

If you need any help choosing what tweezers are right for you, please get in contact with us. We love to help.