Brow Styling and Tinting

Eyebrows are a prominent facial feature that frame the eyes and draw attention to the bone structure of a person's face. A good brow shape and colour will enhance a person’s natural beauty. You can do this be redesigning the brows or tidying them up by threading, waxing or plucking with tweezers. Complete the look by adding a tint or brow henna. Elleebana and RefectoCil have both have great ranges of brow tints and colours.

Brow lamination can create the appearance of full fluffy brows on even the thinnest and over plucked brows. This is because the lamination fans the brow hairs up and against the skin. The brows can be tinted immediately afterwards for maximum impact.

Serums can help the appearance of the brows as well as eyebrow styling gels, pencils and powders and are great products to retail to clients to help them maintain their treatments at home.

For more permanent brow styling; microblading, powder brows or hair stroke brows will provide a look that can last 2 to 4 years. Use high quality disposable microblades, microblading pens or PMU cartridges like the universal Kwadron Optima cartridges with back membranes for client safety and detailed fine work with perfect results.

Use mapping tools to mark and measure the brows before you start shaping or tattooing. Callipers, brow mapping stickers, thread and peel-off pencils will help you make the brows even and allow your client to check the shape before you start.

If you need further information on brow tinting or brow styling in general, give the team at Lash and Brow Supplies a call to discuss the best options for you.