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Wet Look Lashes

Wet Look Lashes

The hot new lash style that has hit our shores.

There is a new trend in lash extensions that is making its way into Australia; Wet Look Lashes. Popular in Europe, the UK and USA, it’s gaining traction here too.

So what is it? Wet Look Lashes is a lash extension style that creates a mascara look or wet look. Lash extensions are layered together in spikes so they look slicked together. This is different to a wispy set which uses classic lash extensions and has a lot less structure.

For Wet Look lashes, 0.07mm lashes are most commonly used and spikes are clearly defined and structural. 

Morgan Jones from Pink Cloud Lash Studio is one of the first studios offering this style at her Summer Hill Studio in Sydney. We asked Morgan to break it down for us; “The wet look is a volume technique created to cater to a more natural set. 0.07 is fantastic for this method as every single extension is a spike. A spike is just like a Classic lash, but using volume diameters.

Morgan has this advice for lash pros wanting to offer this service: “If you’d like to perfect this style of lashing, pick up your tweezers and start. eBooks, courses and all tips can be found on Instagram and TikTok. Taking an in-person course really helps if you haven’t mastered layering as an artist yet.

Her biggest tip?; “Layering is crucial!".

And what’s Morgan’s prediction for Wet Look Lashes? “This style has taken over the globe with its ‘mascara vibe’ and seems to be here to stay.”