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Impress your Clients and go Green

Impress your Clients and go Green

Implement these easy green practices in your salon and reduce your operating cost and lift your reputation.

Here are some easy ways to do your bit for the environment in your salon. You'll also reduce operating costs and show your clients you care. Here's how.

Energy Efficiency: Replace traditional bulbs with energy-efficient LED or CFL lighting. Invest in energy-efficient appliances and air conditioning to reduce electricity consumption. 

Start recycling those soft plastics: Some councils are now accepting soft plastics. Check with your local council if they collect or you need to drop it off at the depot. Recycle Smart will pick up your soft plastics and other recycling products including batteries and e-waste.

Minimise Single-Use Items: Reduce the use of disposable items such as cotton rounds and buds. How much disposable waste can you reduce during your treatments without compromising the service or hygiene and infection control? Reducing these items by even a small fraction adds up over time. 

Biodegradable Disposables: When disposables are necessary, opt for biodegradable and eco friendly alternatives when possible like bamboo spoolies and doe-foot applicators. Line bins with compostable or paper bags.

Green Cleaning Products: Replace chemical cleaning products where possible with environmentally friendly, non-toxic options. Look for products made by Australian eco-friendly brands.

Natural Ventilation: Use natural ventilation and daylighting to reduce the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning, which can be particularly energy-intensive in Australia's hot summers.

Waste Reduction: Minimise waste by using refill bottles like Caronlab's 1 litre range. 

Sustainable Packaging: Choose eco-friendly packaging for retail products sold in your salon. Avoid excessive plastic packaging and opt for recyclable or biodegradable options. Genuine cellulose bags are a great substitute for clear plastic bags for aftercare kits. 

Community Engagement: Get involved in local sustainability initiatives or partner with eco-friendly organisations in your Australian community to strengthen your salon's commitment to sustainability. Sustainable Salons has made a huge impact within the hair and beauty industries and is a great resource too. 

Educate Clients: Raise awareness among your clients about the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly choices. Encourage them to make sustainable choices within the salon and in their personal beauty routines.

Staff Training: Ensure that your staff are well-trained in sustainable practices and understands the significance of reducing the salon's environmental impact.

Transportation: Encourage employees to carpool or use public transportation, and provide bike racks for clients who prefer eco-friendly commuting options.

Carbon Offset Programs: Consider investing in carbon offset programs to counterbalance your salon's carbon emissions and support sustainability initiatives in Australia. Let your clients know you are carbon neutral by adding this to your email signatures and website.

By implementing these sustainable practices tailored to the Australian context, your beauty salon can reduce its environmental footprint and appeal to clients who value eco-conscious businesses. Additionally, you'll reduce your salon operating expenses and your commitment to sustainability can help your salon stand out amongst the competition.