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Leverage Black Friday for your Salon

Leverage Black Friday for your Salon

Black Friday can be a fantastic opportunity for your salon to welcome new clients, show appreciation to your loyal customers, and give your business a well-deserved boost.

Times have been challenging for the beauty industry. Rising living costs have affected consumer habits, and the usual spring surge in bookings is just not there for many of us.

You might have noticed changes in your clients' routines, with appointments being spaced apart more or reducing spending per visit. And we know what is going on; many of our clients confide in us, sharing their concerns about rising rents, mortgage payments, grocery bills, or travel expenses.

On social media, we frequently see people searching for more budget-friendly beauty options like DIY solutions, product dupes, or cheaper service providers.

Black Friday falls on November 23 this year, and this could be a chance to reignite interest in your services and motivate customers to choose your salon. Customers expect Black Friday to offer substantial value, so use it to create a lasting relationship with clients, rather than creating profit. Although it can inject a cash flow boost during the promotion, the primary goal is to foster long-term customer loyalty and to increase your brand reach.

Here are some strategies you can consider for your Black Friday sales:

1. Special Discounts: Offer your clients with discounts on their favourite services or products. For instance, consider offering a 30% discount on Lash Lifts. 

2. Bundle Deals: Create special packages that combine multiple services at a reduced price. How about a Lash Extension package that includes a brow shape and tint at a discounted rate?

3. Gift Cards: Spread the joy by offering exclusive deals on gift cards. For example, sell a $100 gift card for just $80. This not only encourages clients to buy gift cards for their loved ones but also secures future business for you.

4. Early Bird Specials: Reward those who kickstart their Black Friday with you by offering extra discounts or exclusive early-morning deals.

5. Online and Social Media Promotions: Leverage your salon's website and social media platforms to broadcast your exciting Black Friday deals. Don't hesitate to use paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider audience.

6. Email Marketing: Keep your loyal customers in the loop by sending out newsletters and emails detailing your Black Friday deals. Encourage them to book their appointments in advance.

7. Limited-Time Offers: Generate excitement with flash sales on Black Friday. Consider offering a one-hour special with deeply discounted services to create that sense of urgency.

8. Clear Out Old Retail Stock: If you have products that aren't moving, heavily discount them and place them at the point of purchase. Make sure your online shop on your website also reflects these discounts and promote them on your homepage banner.

9. Collaborations: Partner with local businesses like makeup artists, boutiques, or wellness centers to create joint promotions or cross-promote each other's Black Friday deals.

10. Freebies and Add-ons: Show appreciation by offering complimentary services or products to customers who spend a certain amount. For example, offer a 'Free brow tint with every brow shape.'

11. Raffles and Contests: Create excitement with contests and raffles for the chance to win fabulous beauty packages. Encourage participation through social media and in-salon promotions.

12. Extended Hours: Consider extending your hours on Black Friday to accommodate more clients, making it convenient for those who might be working during the day.

13. Loyalty Rewards: Give back to your loyal customers with even greater discounts and exclusive deals as a token of your appreciation.

14. Thank You Cards: After Black Friday, express your gratitude to your clients with thank-you cards or emails. Let them know how much you appreciate their support.

15. Follow-Up Promotions: Keep the festive spirit alive by running promotions throughout the entire holiday season, not just on Black Friday.

To make the most of your Black Friday sales, start promoting them well in advance to build anticipation. Utilise a variety of marketing channels and platforms to reach a wider audience and maximise the impact of your promotions. Also, ensure your staff is well-prepared to provide excellent service during the increased traffic on Black Friday. 

Lastly, there are a lot of ideas in this post. Be kind to yourself and do what can. Set aside a realistic amount of time you can spend on this and prioritise what would be most effective for your business. Even implementing one or two ideas will make a difference as long as you market them. Make noise!