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Creating the right lash lift for your client

Creating the right lash lift for your client

So you do killer lash lifts; you have the timing down pat and perfect lash alignment. So what can you do to tailor a lash lift for each individual client?

There are a few factors that can be played with to create a unique lash lift for each client.

  • Rods or Shields
  • Sizing
  • Lash placement
  • Solution placement

Rods or Shields

Choosing a Rod or a Shield will create a different lift. A rod will create a C Curl lift and a shield an L Curl.

When to choose a Rod:

  • For a natural look
  • For straight pointing down lashes that need extra help lifting
  • To create a C Curl

When to choose a Shield:

  • For maximum appearance of lashes
  • For maximum lift
  • To create an L Curl


The size of the shield or rod will determine how tight or relaxed the lift is. Some clients prefer a natural looking lift so using a larger size will achieve this. Other clients want a ‘tight’ lift. This means a tight curl if using a rod or the lashes sitting closer to the eyelid if using a shield. When this is the case, you may opt for a smaller size.

Lash placement

Occasionally you will get a client that wants a cat eye effect with the lift. You can achieve this by fanning out the lashes on the outer corners. Check the angle on both are the same, and dampen and readjust if they are not before you start. Advise your client the cat eye effect may make lashes look less lifted.

Solution placement

Want to create a B Curl? Use a Rod and place the solution up to the middle point of the curve.

Follow Ups

As with every booking, take notes of what you have done. Check in with your client when they come back and tweak from there.