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Four Lash Lift Tips to improve your Lash Lifts

Four Lash Lift Tips to improve your Lash Lifts

Perform your Lash Lifts like an expert with these four pro Lash Lift tips.


Do you want to take your Lash Lift to the next level? Here are 4 tips from our experts, that will allow you to considerably improve your technique and the results of your Lash Lifts.


  1. Trim the shield

Trimming the shield or rod will help the shield sit flush against the eyelid. Why is this important? You will get an even lift across the whole lash line and won’t have the low hang on the outer corners you can sometimes get with your finished result if the curve of the shield or rod is sitting away from the eyelid.


  1. Check for escapees

Make sure the corner lashes are all out and not hidden or tucked under the eye patches. Lift the eyelid slightly and gently to check no top lashes are stuck under the shield and that no bottom lashes have escaped and have been brushed up onto the top shield. Use a microbrush to sweep out or under.


  1. Look after the weakest

Apply the first solution from the inner lashes last. The inner corner lashes are finer and they have more potential to become overprocessed. In reverse, remove the first solution from the inner corners first. Following this, apply the setting solution to the inner corners first. This little tweak can make a big difference in the quality of your lash lift.


  1. Get rid of the evidence.

Run a cotton pad along the lashes from underneath to thoroughly remove all the product from the base of the lashes. Do this by stretching the eyelid by gently pulling the skin near the outside corner of the eye. This will open the gaps between the lashes and keep the eyelid shut to prevent irritation.


Want to learn more?

We run Perfecting Lash Lift Courses to help you get great results every time. One on one training also available. Get in contact with us if you wish to know more.