How to Reduce No Shows and Last Minute Cancellations

No shows and last minute appointment cancellations are typical in the beauty industry. It's frustrating. As lash and brow artists, our business is appointment based. We rarely do walk ins, if at all.

So if your client doesn't show up, you now have a gap which you can't fill in such a short time. This costs you money and time. 

Unfortunately you can't eliminate no shows but there are ways to greatly reduce them.

1. Take the client's full name and phone number when they make a booking. This makes the client feel more accountable and is very effective in reducing the chance of a no show.

2. Send an sms confirmation 2 days before the appointment. If they don't respond, follow up with a call. 

3. Take a booking deposit. Don't set it too high because this may scare clients away. A nominal amount is just as effective and will be easier to sell. Explain on your website, online booking system, sms confirmation or directly that this will be forfeited if less than 24 hours notice is given to reschedule or cancel their booking. You need to ensure your client is aware of your policy.

You will find using these tips will greatly reduce the amount of no shows and last minute cancellations.