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How to Give a Winning Brow Consultation

How to Give a Winning Brow Consultation

Microblading, Nano Brows, Powder Brows, whatever brow tattoo service you are offering, many customers will want to have a consultation first before they decide to go ahead...


Microblading, Nano Brows, Powder Brows, whatever brow tattoo service you are offering, many customers will want to have a consultation first before they decide to go ahead.

Permanent Makeup is a big decision. It’s a permanent treatment and has a high price tag. So it is understandable clients want confirmation that you are the right cosmetic tattoo artist for them. This is why consultations are an essential service to offer. It is the consultation that will sell your service to your client and convert this client into a sale.

In your consultation you want to demonstrate:

  • Your skills as a brow artist
  • You strictly follow hygiene and infection control
  • Your breadth of knowledge of the procedure 

Many clients before they come in for a consultation will follow an artist’s work for months beforehand. Permanent makeup has a long lead time. It’s not an impulse purchase. By the time they have come to see you for a consultation, they are ready to get it done. If you can demonstrate the 3 things above in your consultation, it will convert into a sale almost every time.  

At the consultation

  1. Get your client to fill out a consultation form. This will help you understand if they are a suitable candidate for the treatment. Google any medications they have listed for contraindications and ask your client about the medication relating to the treatment if you need more information. 
  1. Find out what your client’s concerns are with their brows and listen. I often repeat back to the client what they have told me so they know I am listening and to confirm I have understood correctly.
  1. Ask your client if they have brought in any photos of brows they like. Many do. Take photos of these pictures for their file.
  1. Take photos of your client for their file. You will need photos of your client’s front and side profiles with their brow makeup on (if they are wearing any), again once you have removed their makeup and thirdly, with the design you have drawn on. Lastly, I also take a photo of the pigment bottle or bottles we have decided on when we colour swatched as it is easier to remember what you have selected when you do get the moment to upload their photos and notes to their file. 
  1. Draw the design on. Take your time, draw with care and use your mapping tools. This is where you demonstrate your skills as a brow artist. Using professional brow tools shows your client you are serious about your profession and their brows.

I have my ‘consult set up’ laid out neatly on a dental nap next to where the client will be sitting. I draw on my client while they are sitting up in a makeup chair.

My set up includes:

  • Dental Nap, on which I put:
  • Calipers
  • Bow
  • Forehead Ruler Sticker
  • Razor
  • Cotton Pads
  • Cotton buds
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Peelie pencil
  • Green soap

On a separate area to avoid cross contamination I select approximately 3 pigments to make swatches on the client’s forehead to show the client. I also have a cheap liquid foundation to use if I need a clearer border around my mapping and I will apply this with a disposable lip applicator.

At the end of the consult remove the swatches. Sometimes the client prefers you to leave the brow shape you have created otherwise remove this too. Let them know if they have any other questions to get in contact with you. Most of the time they will book before they leave.

When you have a moment in your day upload their photos and notes. This will save you valuable time when they come back for their appointment making your work more efficient.