Uniforms – Yes or No?


As lash technicians are we stylists or beauty therapists? Should lash technicians and lash studios have a uniform policy or not? There are good points and bad points for both sides of the argument.

On one hand, as eyelash technicians we are similar to hairdressers. Our service is to create a look. When you wear your own clothes, your client can very quickly work out what your aesthetic is. Hairdressers usually do not wear a uniform and use their personal clothes as an opportunity to show their style and fashion sense.

It can be expensive. Each staff may require a couple depending on how many days per week they work. In Australia it is employers that are required to pay for and replace uniforms, not staff. If you are a solo operator this may not be so much of a concern for you.

The other argument is we work in beauty therapy and it is the norm for beauty therapists to wear a uniform. A uniform can create a reassurance a professional service will be provided and can put a new client at ease. Also, in a busy salon it’s easy for clients to identify who works there and who is a client.

A uniform is also an opportunity for branding, including outside your place of business when you or your staff travel to and from work, run errands or take lunch.

An alternative is to have a staff dress code. It could be to only wear black, have name tags or have rules like dress length and whether long hair should be tied back or not.

There is no definitive ‘yes you should’ or ‘no you shouldn’t’. A good way to decide is to weigh up the pros and cons for your individual situation. There are a few listed below that may fit your circumstances.



  • Clients can quickly identify staff in a busy salon
  • Ensures everybody dresses professionally
  • Can reassure new clients a professional service will be carried out
  • Opportunity for branding



  • Will hide your style; as a lash technician are you a stylist or a beauty therapist?
  • Can be costly and an added expense to your budget, especially for large salons
  • Many beauty uniforms are synthetic for durability and because of this are uncomfortable
  • Many staff prefer not to wear them