You’re an excellent lash technician and beauty salon but sometimes you lose clients before they even walk through the door. This article is about increasing booking enquiries into appointments.

Customers want to do the least amount of work when purchasing a service or product and it is in fact the biggest contributing factor to customer loyalty. (Customer Contact Survey 2007). With this in mind you can begin from the moment they call. Be helpful and make it easy for your clients to book in with you.

Avoid saying “No, it’s taken” when the appointment time they have requested is already booked. It’s not very helpful is it? Make it a habit of offering solutions instead and avoid using the word no altogether.

“We have a spot at 3pm available.”
“Yes, we can fit you in for a half set at that time.”
“Our next available appointment is tomorrow at 11am.”
“Anna is available at that time and is one of our senior lash technicians.”
...and so on.
Smile when you talk. Even if it’s a phone enquiry, smiling will change your tone to a confident, welcoming and friendly exchange. It’s reassuring and for new clients it will help confirm their decision to call you and not your competition was the right one.

Take full names; their first name and surname and ask them to spell it out for you if needed. This is an incredibly effective way in decreasing the amount of no shows. You will really notice a difference.

Send a reminder call or sms at least 24 hours before their appointment. It’s expected as part of nearly all service based businesses these days and most clients rely on these reminders now. It will reduce your no shows and it will also allow your client a chance to reschedule if they need to, with enough notice for another prospective client to book in.


  • Avoid saying no. Instead, respond with solutions
  • Smile even if they can’t see you
  • Take the client’s full name
  • Send an sms reminder or confirmation call at least 24 hours before their appointment