How should I store my lash glue and how long will it be effective?


Are you unsure of the best way to look after your eyelash extension glue? As lash artists, retention is one of the most important qualities when it comes to good lashes. There is plenty of advice floating about in the industry, some of which contradicts itself. This information is directly from the manufacturers.


The shelf life of a lash adhesive is 6 months unopened. If you store the glue properly it can last up to 8 months. Keep unopened glues in the fridge. However never put an opened glue back in the fridge. If you can’t keep your unopened adhesives in the fridge, then store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Once the glue is opened it is good for at least 1 month providing you keep it in good condition. Again, store the glue in a cool, dry place. Avoid humidity and moisture (and fridges!) getting to the glue. This will cause it to lose its effectiveness. It’s recommended to clean around the glue nozzle with remover.


Store your primer away from your glue. The primer can dry the glue out when kept in the same place. 


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Do you know lash glues and lash adhesives are the same thing? In Australia, Asia and Europe we mostly call them glues and in the USA they call them adhesives.

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