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Secret Weapon Hooked Tip Tweezers

These tweezers are your secret weapon to finding every lash efficiently and without compromising your clients' comfort during treatment. 

Using with your application hand, the shape of these hook tweezers allow you to flick through the lashes from underneath. Giving you double the access to those sneaky hidden lashes underneath the top layers of lashes before you pick up and apply your single lash extensions, promades or premades.

Especially useful for when you are doing sets that have close to 100% coverage or on clients with multiple layers of lashes or thick and full lashes. 

  • Perfect for mega, glam or extra full sets
  • Search and isolate from¬†underneath lashes to access all layers of lashes
  • Significantly cut down on application time without compromising clients comfort
  • Easy to use

Not recommended for handmade volume. 


  • Hooked tip
  • Application Tweezers
  • 140mm
  • $9.95
  • $29.95