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Elleebana lash lift set 10 Pack

You wanted it and Elleebana has made it happen! This is a pack of 10 Set ONLY Sachets for the Elleebana One Shot range, saving you money and reducing your salon waste. 

Elleebana is a global leader in Lash Lift. It provides fantastic results and has the fastest Lash Lift processing time with a 6/5 processing time for medium lashes. Meaning less time to complete your treatment. Better for you and better for your client.

Results are immediate and last 6 to 8 weeks. Clients are wowed when they see the Lift. Lash Lift clients make regular clients returning every two months to get their Lash Lift redone.

This 10 shot refill pack will give you a minimum of 10 treatments. Elleebana recommend discarding after 24 hours once opened.  


  • 10 sachets of Set solution (no Lift sachets)


1. Cleanse the area with a foaming lash shampoo cleanser

2. Use eye patches to separate the bottom the lashes so it’s easier to work and at the same time provide your client an under eye treatment

3. Using the lash lift adhesive, glue the shields or rods flush to the lash line along the eyelid

4. Ensure all lashes are glued to the shields using the lash lift adhesive and are perfectly aligned. They will be set by the Lift however they are positioned on the shield, so take your time on this step if needed. Lightly wet any area that has already set that needs to be repositioned.

Elleebana have 2 types of glue, the original and stronghold.

5. Apply the lifting solution to up to halfway up the lashes. Do not cover the tips because they are much finer than the rest of the lash shaft and can over process.

6. Dry remove, careful not to wipe over the tips

7. Apply the Setting solution covering the entire area the Lifting solution was on with a little overlap. Leave for 5 minutes if the first step was 6 minutes or longer. If the first step was under 6 minutes, the setting solution time should be 1 minute less whatever the Lifting solution timing was.

A guide for timings

Fine lashes 5/4

Medium lashes 6/5

Thick lashes 7-8/5

It’s better to under process a new client’s lashes than over processing. If the lashes haven’t lifted enough, you can reapply the steps for a little longer.

8. Remove the solution and shields with water. Make sure the lashes are completely clean of the lash lift solutions and glue including the base of the lashes. Your client can’t get their lift wet for 24 hours so remove any chance of irritation or discomfort.


It is strongly recommended to include a tint add on for this service for maximum impact. Even dark lashes have lighter tips. Reduce your tinting time to 5 minutes.

The Lash Lift treatment can be a little drying so to add a nourishing treatment to the lash lift, use Elleeplex Regen Next Gen when you tint. It’s a ratio 1:8 of Regen to tint. One tube of Regen will last hundreds of applications.

We are able to ship Elleebana products within Australia only. 


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