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Elleebana Flex Shields - Combo Pack

Elleebana Flex Shields are super soft, mouldable and flexible L Curl lash lift shields. They cup around the clients lids and can be used without glueing the backs onto the clients eyelids, reducing your treatment time and increasing your client's comfort.

  • Super soft silicone shields
  • No adhesive required on the back
  • Left and Right Flex Shields for precise styling
  • L Curl curvature
  • Contains 3 sizes; Small, Medium and Large


Simply cleanse the eye area as usual and then place your chosen size Flex Shields along your clients eyelid.



  • SR R – Small Shield, Right side
  • SR L– Small Shield, Left side
  • MR R – Medium Shield, Right side
  • MR L – Medium Shield, Left side
  • LR R – Large Shield, Right side
  • LR L – Large Shield, Left side

     We are not able to ship Elleebana products outside Australia. 

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