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How to do a great Lash Lift

How to do a great Lash Lift

Whether you are using the Elleebana Lash Lift or Dolly Lash Lift system this is what you can do to ensure you can give your client a great Lash Lift. 

Whether you are using the Elleebana Lash Lift or Dolly Lash Lift system this is what you can do to ensure you can give your client a great Lash Lift.


During the Lash Lift Consultation

Make sure you know what kind of Lift your client wants. Not every client wants the most dramatic lift you can provide. So find out what they want first during your consultation.

If it’s their first time you may want to advise a medium lift as their first Lift. They can use this to determine if they want a higher lift (Small shield) next time, less of a lift using a Large shield or to do the same.

 Correct Lash Lift placement on shield

Where to position the Lash Lift shield

Make sure the shields sit as close as possible to the wet line but not so the lashes will curve down and around them. It must be in a position where the lashes will sweep up.

It is useful to trim the edges of the shield for some clients to prevent them peeling up and to reduce discomfort for the client. Often the shields are too long for many clients.


Get the lashes in the right position from the start

Even if you spend a very long time doing this step, which can happen with strong lashes, getting the lashes positioned correctly on the shield is the most important step.

Work in sections across the lashes. Lift the lashes up on to the shield and separate the lashes so they fan out evenly.

 Work around your client

Work around your client. Don’t be afraid to get up and check the lashes on both eyes are angled the same way from the front. This particularly important if you are styling the lashes by adding a winged effect or closing a lash gap the client has naturally. The lashes should look straight and evenly aligned and that both eyes match.


What to do if the lashes peel off the shield during step one.

This is actually easier to fix than you may think. Let the lashes finish processing during step one. After you remove the solution, glue the lashes back up the shield that have peeled off and then apply the setting solution. It is during the setting step that the lashes must stay in position.


Processing times

It is better to under process than over process. The lashes will continue to lift over the next 24 hours. If this is not enough time and the lashes have not lifted, you can redo the lift leaving the solutions on for reduced time and make notes for when your client returns to increase the processing time for the next time they return.

With a bit of experience and practice you can begin to know who you can extend the processing times for. Often if the lashes are difficult to pull back onto the shield they will need a little extra time but proceed with caution!


Solution placement

Place the solution as lose to the wet line as possible. If you get any of the solution on the wet line, wipe off immediately with a microbrush because it will start to irritate the client during the treatment.

The first solution should not go past half way the length of the client’s lashes. When you wipe the first solution be careful to not wipe it up onto the tips. 

When applying the second solution make sure it goes slightly past the first solution so the first solution is completely covered. It doesn’t matter if the second solution goes close to the tips, it will not damage the lashes.

And there you have it, tips to create the perfect Lash Lift for your client. What tips or tricks have you discovered to give your client the perfect Lash Lift?