• RefectoCil Lash Lift Glue - Lash and Brow Supplies

RefectoCil Lash Lift Glue

Size: 4ml
Ingredients: Water, Alcohol denat., PVP, Shellac, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Ammonia.

Apply Refectocil Lash Lift glue on the curvature of the lifting pad. Now fix lashes to the upper lash line by applying them with the rosewood stick in a rotating upward movement. Apply the lashes straight and evenly onto the lifting pad.

  • Tip: fix unruly lashes or any that have come loose by applying a little more glue and re-fixing the eyelashes on the pad with some light pressure.
  • When applying the lashes, make sure that you glue these on as straight as possible. Crossed or bent lashes would assume exactly this deformation and cause an unattractive and undesired look.
  • $17.95