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MD Advanced Lash Growth Serum

Main Features

  • Promotes the rapid growth in natural lashes
  • long, shiny, voluminous lashes within 4 weeks
  • Healthy natural lashes make a more effective lash extension
  • Great retail item for extra income

MD Advanced Lash Serum

MD Advanced is a scientifically advanced lash growth serum that promotes the rapid growth in natural lashes. Enriched with polypeptides and carnosine, this formula promotes rapid lash growth.

The combination of 4 different peptides and a range of natural extracts make darker, thicker and longer lashes visible within 1 month (peak results will be seen around 3 months). The formula from BL Lash (formerly Blink) is specifically designed to be used with extensions and won't interfere with the adhesive bond.

This product means that anyone can have long, shiny, voluminous natural lashes within one month. It also helps increase the number of healthy natural lashes which produces more effective results in lash extension. This is a great retail item for your clients.

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