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Mayamy Brow Henna Home Kit

This Mayamy Brow Henna Home Kit is an economical way to try Brow Henna or for use at home. They contain everything you need to create henna brows; one henna colour, mineral aqua and application tools.

Mayamy Brow Henna is a natural henna based tint which will stain the skin for up to approximately 2 weeks and the hairs for approximately up to 7 weeks. 

It will create a powder brow effect filling thin, uneven and sparse brows or showcasing your cosmetic tattoo brow design at consultations. 

Comes in 4 colours; Light Brown, Classic Brown, Dark Brown and Deep Black. The Henna comes in one-treatment size capsules for easy measuring and freshness, ensuring consistent and lasting results. Contains no ammonia and is odourless. 

To use

Apply on clean, oil free and lightly exfoliated skin. Henna needs to be applied as a thick paste and left for 20 to 30mins for best results. Re-dampen the henna if it dries out while on the skin using a nanomister or patting with a moistened cotton round. After processing, gently remove so you don't inadvertently scrub the skin stain off because the henna is grainy and can act as an exfoliant. 


The less you touch the area the longer the skin stain will last. Avoid cleansers directly on the area and pat or air dry after showering. Oil based products on the brows will shorten the life of the henna stain. 

Want to learn more? This step by step guide will help you create perfect henna brows every time. 

In the Kit

  • 5 x capsules of¬†Henna Colour in either¬†Light Brown, Classic Brown,¬†Dark Brown and Deep Black
  • Mineral Aqua with organa oil 10ml
  • 4 x Microbrushes
  • Mixing Cup
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