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J Curl 0.20mm Diamond Silk Lash Tray

J Curl in 0.20mm is ideal for creating a lash set with a subtle curl. The 0.20mm thickness is suitable for a fuller look on clients with strong natural lashes or can be feathered through the set to pump up the fullness of a set with predominantly finer lashes. Diamond Silk Lash Trays are produced by one of the leading brands in eyelash extensions and are of premium quality. 

These lashes taper to a fine point, are light on the natural lash and are finished in a lush, glossy black.

Diamond Silk lashes provide your client with a flawless, natural look. In addition, Diamond Silk Lash Trays are great value for money and contain 16 lines of lashes. Most lash trays have only 12. Please note J Curl is labeled on some brands as A Curl.

  • $19.95