• H-18 Japan Grade Glue

H-18 Japan Grade Glue


H-18 Premium Eyelash Glue for eyelash extensions is popular in Japan.

This adhesive has a thin viscosity and works fast. It dries in approximately 4-5 seconds allowing you to lash fast without risking stickies!

Retention for this glue is high. Because it is such a fast-acting glue it is recommended for professional users only.

Included is a Magic Pack to keep your glue fresh and lasting longer.

For professional use only

Setting Time 4-5 seconds
Durability 3-4 weeks
Viscosity Low (thin)
Color Black
Humidity 40-60%
Storage Tips Room temp 19-26C
Shelf life: unopened 6 month
Shelf life: Opened 3 months
Fumes/ Stimulation Medium
Technician Profile Advance
Client Profile Regular Skin
Technique Classic & Volume
  • $39.95