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Dolly Lash Lift Adhesive


This specially formulated glue will bond the lashes to the shields during application whilst allowing the solution to penetrate the eyelash.

Lash Lift also know as LVL Lashes is the newest technique in eyelash perming. Unlike conventional lash perming which curls the eyelashes back and can make them appear even shorter, Lash Lift perming sets the lashes up. You can see more of the lashes and they appear longer. Eyes appear larger and more open.

Lash Lifts are set on shields rather than rods. A special glue is applied to the shield to hold the lashes in place while you work.

Lash Lifts are a great additional service to offer as part of your lash services. Clients return every 4 to 6 weeks for a new treatment.

Included are instructions for application.

For professional use only.

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