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Dolly Lash Lift Exclusive Keratin Kit

Dolly has innovated once more. The New Dolly Lash Lift Exclusive kit comes with a Keratin lotion as the fourth step.

Dolly Keratin Lash Lift Contents:

✔  1x #1 Perm Lotion  Syringe - 5ml;
✔  1x #2 Setting Lotion  Syringe - 5ml;
✔  1x #3 Nourishing Lotion Syringe - 5ml;
✔  1x  #4 Keratin Deep Conditioner Syringe;
✔  10x Small Silicon Pad;
✔  10x Medium Silicon Pad;
✔  1x Dolly Lash Glue
✔  3x Y Tool;
✔  Application: 5~8 applications.

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