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Caronlab Strawberry Creme Hard Wax 800g Microwaveable

Soft and silky XXX! This wax is soft and creamy and perfect for a spa environment. With Titanium Dioxide to minimise redness and inflammation. Ideal for sensitive, delicate or mature skin. Suitable for Brazilian waxing. 

  • Reduces redness and¬†inflammation
  • Extra flexible wax for easy application
  • Remains¬†consistent¬†in hot and humid weather

Strawberry Creme Wax is available in hard wax in beads, pallet, microwave to pot or in strip wax in microwave to pot, this item is for the hard wax, microwaveable, 800g.


  • Microwave to pot
  • Hard wax
  • 800g
  • Sold Out