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Caronlab Browvado Sculpting Gel Wax Beads 500g

A revolutionary new brow wax! Formulated with a gel-like consistency to help sculpt and contour with extreme precision. Its thick, rich consistency sits still on the spatula, so there’s no need to twirl.

Browvado removes hairs in one go, but is still gentle on the skin. Formulated to be transparent when warm – for optimal visibility – with a holographic shimmer and a light, soothing fragrance of honeysuckle and pear. Browvado is ideal for beginners and experienced professionals alike.

  • Perfect for use on the face
  • Gel consistency to wrap around brows with ease
  • Comforting scent of honeysuckle and pear

Browvado is available in gel wax beads in 500g or 5kg. This item is 500g.


  • Beads
  • Gel wax
  • 500g
  • $19.95