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Blue Barrier Film and Dispenser Bundle

Save with this Barrier Film and Dispenser bundle. No need to buy the tape or dispenser separately, buy together and save!

Blue Barrier Film is a standard hygiene and infection control barrier tape for tattoo and skin penetration clinics. Use to cover any surface that is touched during the procedure.

Use to cover equipment you touch during permanent makeup treatments. Wrap tattoo pens, machine controls, light dials, photo equipment, etc. 

Also a must have for brow and lash technicians who need to take before and after photos on their device or use their device as a timer and need a barrier to wrap whilst still being able to see the screen.

Tear off single or multiple sheets as needed. Tape can be applied to almost any surface without worrying about leaving a sticky residue behind. Comes in a 4"×6" (10.15cm x 15.24cm) perforated roll with 1200 sheets per box and dispenser.  

A must have for hygiene and infection control for your clinic.

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