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BL Lashes Advanced Glue for Sensitive Clients

NEW FORMULA ¬†‚Äď Faster drying time and up to 25% longer retention

BL Blink Advanced adhesive is suitable for most clients who are seriously sensitive to eyelash extension adhesive. BL Advanced glue is made from ethoxyethyl-2-cyano 2- propenoate. It does not contain ethyl-cyanoacrylate, the ingredient used in most lash glues.

Advise your clients its retention will not be as long as other glues that contain ethyl-cyanoacrylate.

Also good for beginners and intermediate lash techs, BL Advanced Glue’s long drying time provides lash artists more time to apply and position each lash extension, helping you achieve perfect alignment and placement.

BL Advanced Glue is one of our top selling glues.

Setting Time 7~8"
Retention ~ 4 weeks
Viscosity Very High
Colour Black
Humidity 45-60%
Storage Tips Room temp 22-26C
Shelf life: Unopened 6 months
Shelf life: Opened 3 months
Fume Very Low
Technician Profile All Levels
Client Profile Sensitive Skin
Technique Classic 


Retention Test of original BL Advanced Glue versus new formula:

  • Original BL Advanced glue: 15% of extensions were intact after 3 weeks
  • New BL Advanced glue: 40% of extensions were intact after 3 weeks¬†


Retention Tips

Like with all lash extension application, good lash prep will improve retention. Use BL Lash Foam Shampoo with a disposable fibre free sponge tip applicator, rinse with water and prime with BL Lash Primer. At the end of the set, apply BL Black Diamond or Crystal Drop Coating Sealant over the lashes.


About BL

Formally Blink, BL is one of the first and largest global lash brands, specialising in K-beauty quality lash extension glues, gentle lash prep and aftercare retail. See more BL products here.


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