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BL Lashes Advanced Glue for Sensitive Eyes

Using a medical-grade substance, BL Blink Advanced adhesive is suitable for clients who are seriously sensitive to eyelash extension adhesive.

As this glue contains no Ethyl-cyanoacrylate, the consistency is very thick and high in viscosity. Beware it takes up to 10 seconds to set. 

Advise your clients its retention will not be as long as other glues that contain Ethyl-cyanoacrylate.


Setting Time 6-10 seconds
Durability 2 weeks
Viscosity High
Color Black
Humidity 40-60%
Storage Tips Room temp 19-26C
Shelf life: unopened 6 month
Shelf life: Opened 3 months
Fumes/ Stimulation Low
Technician Profile Beginers
Client Profile Sensitive Skin
Technique Classic & Volume
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