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Product Review - Diamond Lash


Product Review - Diamond Lash

Diamond Lash is one of our biggest sellers and there are good reasons why.

Diamond Lash is a premium quality brand. No ditching crooked and incomplete lashes on the way to the eye (and wasting valuable time). The lashes come clean away from the strip with no glue residue remaining on the lash, ensuring maximum stick. And Diamond Lash trays come in 16 lines, rather than 12, meaning you get greater value for money.

Silk is King.

Silk lashes are a popular client choice because of their price point, weightlessness and glossiness. They are also the ethical option when clients are given the choice between silk or real mink.

Work fast, smart, and protect your hands.

Because Diamond Lash comes in trays, lashes can be removed at a faster rate than you may be able to do with loose lashes. The less handling of the lash, the better on your hands and the faster you can carry out your work.

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