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Product Reviews and Techniques

Pure Hydrogel Patches

One our more popular sellers, Pure Hydrogel eye pads are good value for money. They come in packs on 10. Thinner than most eye patches, they are great to use on clients with high cheek bones which or with little gap between their lash line and skin. Pure Hyrdogel come in a resealable pouch to st...
  Product Review - Diamond Lash Diamond Lash is one of our biggest sellers and there are good reasons why. Diamond Lash is a premium quality brand. No ditching crooked and incomplete lashes on the way to the eye (and wasting valuable time). The lashes come clean away from the strip with no glue ...

First Post

We've been selling eyelash extension and beauty supplies to other salons and lash technicians for some time and now we have an easy to use one stop shop for all your lash extension needs. Have a question or experiencing technical difficulties? You can email us at or call...