What brow treatments can I offer? Part 1 - Brow Tinting


In this three part series we will discuss the difference between brow tinting, henna brows and brow tattooing.

Brow Tinting is a chemical dye that will tint the brow hair for approximately 2 weeks and, although not what it is formulated for, the skin for approximately 24 hours. It is the most common way to colour brows and a service salons have been offering for decades.

It’s a fast treatment to provide, usually not requiring more than 10 minutes for the entire appointment time. 

A common mistake in brow tinting is using a colour that is too dark for your client. They leave unhappy, many won’t feel comfortable telling you and will often simply not return or book that service again with you.

You may find you start shortening your processing time with clients to prevent the brow tint becoming too dark. However, the result is a tint that is not fully processed and will fade in a day or two, again resulting in an unhappy client. 

To avoid this, mix your colours. For instance if you are tinting to create a medium brown brow and you are using Belmacil tints, mix 5:1 Light Brown to Dark Brown and leave it on for a longer processing time. You will have a tint that lasts and will create a beautiful medium brown tint.

A longer processing time also means you have time to clean up any areas, ensure the brows are evenly shaped and the right design for your client and do this immediately after you have applied it. I use a cotton bud and stretch the skin taut so I get good clean straight lines, wiping the tint away where it is needed.

Like many dark brown tints, Belmacil Dark Brown tint has a lot of black in it and it is too dark on its own or even half/half with Light Brown. Remember mixing black into your paints at school and how little you needed to darken a shade? You really only need the tiniest amount to mix into the Light Brown to create a medium brown tint.