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How to do Henna Brows

How to do amazing Henna Brows - Step by Step

Thinking of adding Henna Brows to your services at your salon? It’s a beauty treatment gaining traction and for good reason. Follow this Step by Step yo get the perfect Henna Brows.

Thinking of adding Henna Brows to your services at your salon? It’s a beauty treatment gaining traction and for good reason. Henna tinting stains the skin much longer than conventional brow tints, for up to two weeks and brow hairs are tinted for up to 6 weeks. Which means better value for your client.

Henna Brows

Step by Step instructions for providing great Henna Brows

1. Be specific in your consultation. Using a mirror, ask the client what they want with the shape and colour. "I want the brows to be this thick" instead of "I want thick brows" will give you a precise idea what your client wants so you can deliver exactly what they want. Confirm with them before proceeding. Provide advice based on their face and brow shape. 

2. Choose the right colour. Henna colours are fairly forgiving in what you end up selecting and the more you use them the more familiar you will get with them. In the Elleebana range, Natural Brown is a good go-to colour to use for light to dark brunettes and depending on the demographic of your clientele you may find you use this colour most often. Don’t be afraid to blend colours too. 

3. Groom the brows if you are including this as part of your treatment. Not all clients need this part of the service and we have found it's good selling device to provide two price points; Henna Brows with a brow shape or without. 

4. Wash the area thoroughly to remove any barriers to the skin including, makeup, natural oils and wax residue if you have waxed. The cleaner the skin the more effective and lasting the henna stain is. You want the henna shampoo to sud up before you wipe it away and cleanse with water. A lip applicator is suggested to use to scrub the brows and get them nice and sudsy and spend a good 20 seconds on each brow.

Henna Brows


5. Using a white wax pencil draw the outside border of the brows. Make sure the design is accurate and the brows are symmetrical. If the henna brows are asymmetrical it is very obvious and it is hard to fix post treatment.

Using a tool to measure the symmetry saves you time and takes the guesswork out of it. An excellent measuring tool is string mapping. You do not need to use preinked string which is often used when mapping for microblading or cosmetic tattooing. Just regular string you use for threading. 

With a light press on the clients skin the string dents the skin for a few seconds, long enough to draw over the line you have created with the white wax pencil. 

If you are new to brow mapping, practice on yourself or a colleague, it doesn’t take long to learn and there are a plethora of tutorials online

After, compare the width and length of each brow with a set of callipers at key points along the brows.

Get your clients approval before you apply the henna tint. Make adjustments if you need to.


6. Keep within the wax lines when painting the henna. If the brows are bushy make sure you push in the henna so it gets to the skin too. You want to press a thick paste inside the brow shape you have just created. Work neatly and wipe away any irregularities. Stretching the skin as you do this really helps.  

Henna Brows


7. Halfway through the processing time, wet a cotton tip and gently wipe away the start of the brows so you can check how the tint is progressing. Reapply the tint to that area or leave it off to create an ombre look. 

Henna Brows


8. Remove the henna. Wet two cotton pads and place over the brows to remoisten the paste which will have dried out. The henna is sandy and will feel abrasive on your client's skin when you remove it so be gentle when wiping it away. With soft strokes remove the henna. It may take a little time to do this. Work patiently and gently. 


9. Provide aftercare advice. Don't get them wet for the next 24 hours. No swimming, steam room or sauna for the first 24 hours. Avoid using cleansers or makeup remover on the brows. Do not rub or scrub the area. Keep them out of the sun for extended periods of time. 

Henna Brows


Pricing Henna Brows

Not sure how to work out what to charge? The processing time for the henna tint is 20 minutes so for the full treatment allow 30 minutes without a brow shape and 40 to 45 minutes with. The general guide for pricing in beauty in Australia, not considering the cost of products for the treatment, is you need to charge a minimum of $50 for every 30 minutes in treatment to make a service financially viable.

You could also research what your competition are charging and bear in mind your other costs and your particular demographic. You may be based in an area with high commercial rents. Your clientele may prefer value over price or vice versa.