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Elleebana One Shot versus Elleeplex Profusion for Lash Lift

Elleebana One Shot versus Elleeplex Profusion for Lash Lift

Elleebana recently rolled out Elleeplex Profusion. Like the Elleebana One Shot, this is a lash lift system. So which one should you use and which one is better? 

Elleebana’s One Shot Lash Lift is a global leader in lash lift systems. Lash artists love the speed and effectiveness of the range and so do clients, who come back again and again every 6 to 8 weeks for treatments.

Elleebana recently rolled out Elleeplex Profusion. Like the One Shot, this a lash lift system. It also is used for brow lamination, but more about that another time.

So which one should you use and which one is better? 

The difference between Elleebana One Shot and Elleeplex Profusion

One Shot is fast. With an average 6/5 processing time and no 3rd step, which many other Lash Lift brands have, it’s possible to complete a client within 30 minutes. For an industry always looking to reduce appointment times, this is great for any business.

One Shot uses a perming solution (thioglycolate) to break down the hair and it is rebuilt into its new shape. It can be a little drying. Timings need to be exact on both eyes and overprocessing is possible. Results when done correctly are amazing.

Profusion takes longer. This is because it is not a perming solution which creates the lift. It is a vegan friendly keratin treatment which coats the hairs into the desired shape. The solution is not the same and so the processing time is different.

So why use Elleeplex Profusion?

So why use the Profusion solutions? Profusion resolves what the One Shot can’t. There are no kinked lashes when the lift is growing out, which based on feedback can be annoying for the client. With the keratin lash lift, lashes appear to settle back into their normal position at the end of the treatment life.

Also, because the hair is not being broken down, the lashes do not dry out like they would with a perming lash lift. The natural lashes feel soft and nourished after the treatment.

In addition, there is less chance of over processing, which can happen when with a new client, incorrectly recorded timings on a client file, or simply down to human error. The longer processing times and the way the hair is shaped lowers the chance of this happening greatly.

Why isn’t Elleeplex Profusion more popular?

Elleebana underestimated the processing times significantly for the Profusion and this has affected the take up of this range by salons and lash artists. Results have been poor when trying this product because the processing times instructed were significantly not long enough. Many lash lift artists that have tried Elleeplex Profusion using the recommended timings found it didn't work, unaware this is the reason.

You really need to let the solutions stay on longer. For a One Shot client who would process in 6, 5 I found I had to do 12, 10 using Profusion. Once I got my timings right the results were beautiful.

So which one should I be offering?

Like with all Elleebana products, both systems are very good at delivering what they say will do and there is a space for both of these on any treatment menu. The One Shot has a devout following of technicians and clients. It’s fast and it works. On the other hand the Profusion resolves the issue of potentially accidentally overprocessing and the lash kinks that occur at the end of the treatment life when the One Shot is used.

It’s at no great cost to offer both treatments on your menu for your clients to choose from. The buy-in is a little upskilling with the new timings, the product and some updates on your menu. Everything else in your salon is already there for the One Shot.

The Profusion should be set at a higher price to account for the value of the treatment and the increase in appointment time. When I had my salons, the price for the Profusion treatments worked out to be 8.5% greater than the original One Shot and this may be useful to use when working out your own pricing.

Explain in your menu and during consult the benefits of each so your client can make an informed decision.