Why you should be selling retail to your clients

Why you should be selling retail

Beauty therapy is labour intensive. And this can make it trickier to scale up. If you are working to your capacity whether it’s space or staff or clientele growth, and just can’t seem to increase your weekly takings, it may feel like you have reached a limit. But you can change this by selling retail at your salon. 

There are a great range of lash products you can sell to your clients so they can maintain the health of their lashes and improve their lash extension retention. And who doesn’t want happier clients? Happy clients come back. Happy clients tell people about your business. What is really great, is this extra revenue won’t cost you labour, time or space. 


Case example

For simplicity’s sake let’s take a small boutique lash salon with 3 staff operating 6 days a week, with an average of 6 clients a day per employee. Let’s conservatively assume that out of the 18 clients a day, 3 purchase retail. (Basically one sale per lash technician per day)

3 retail purchases a day with an average profit margin of $30 = $90 per day

Over 6 days = $540

That’s $540 profit a week, which doesn’t cost the business wages or space and can be sold to existing clientele. This is an extra $28,080 a year in profit. Not bad, huh?


What you can sell

Tips on selling aftercare retail

  • Create aftercare kits with a selection of products
  • Create cute lash brush containers out of coloured paper straw
  • Have products to suit a range of budgets
  • Have products on display in physical proximity to clients
  • Run through aftercare with clients and suggest products
  • Make suitable product suggestions for individual clients’ needs
  • Don't limit yourself to selling products just at your salon. Sell online through your website and facebook page as well.