8 tips to improve your clients’ experience

Wearing a face mask

You’re an excellent lash technician but you want to improve your clients overall experience at your salon; here’s how: 

  1. Greet clients as soon as they arrive. Even if you are busy with another client or you are on the phone, clients want to be acknowledged as soon as they arrive. Say hello and let them know truthfully how long you will be.

If they have arrived early ask them if they would like something to drink and have a couple of current magazines and somewhere for them to sit while they wait. They are there for a luxury beauty service. Treat them like they are important, every time.

  1. Run on time. No one likes to wait. If your current client is late and you have another client straight after, let them know you don’t have time for the service they booked, however, always follow that up with a solution. For example offer a half set or a shorter infill. It will also mean your clients will learn to arrive on time which will help you run a more effective business.
  1. Offer the same every time. Most of us give a little extra when we start out and end up learning the hard way. Giving a client an additional 15 minutes is a nice gesture but it may come back to haunt you. It becomes one of the reasons they like you and they could end up unhappy when are no longer able to do this. Proceed with caution doing this. 
  1. Wear a face mask. Had a coffee in the morning? Had garlic in your dinner last night? Even if you haven’t you are working in your clients breathing space. Wearing a face mask will also reduce the chances of you or your client from catching whatever cold or flu that might be going around that season. It’s a good hygiene practice.
  1. Don’t smoke. If you smoke unfortunately it’s very likely your clients who you work centimetres away from can smell it on you. To a non smoker is doesn’t smell nice and it’s not what clients want to smell when receiving a beauty treatment.

If you are a smoker, try delaying your first cigarette for the day till after work. If it’s not possible, do what you can to stop it getting into your work clothes and hair and wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of the smell. Changing in and out of your work clothes and tying your hair back if it is long will help.

  1. Have a nice smelling salon. A diffuser with some essential oils is a great way to create a pleasant aroma and can set the mood for the salon whether it’s to invigorate or relax. Also, make sure the smell of microwaved food or takeaway food from the staff area doesn’t waft through the salon.
  1. Create comfort for your client. Lash appointments are long, so a comfortable bed is paramount. If you have a basic massage table you can make it more comfortable with soft blankets for padding and a memory foam pillow. 

The temperature is also important. Having adequate cooling and heating in your room will make a big difference in your clients overall experience. Set the room temperature for your clients rather than you. Remember your client isn’t moving and will feel the cold more than you will. The room temperature usually needs to be around 22-23 degrees. Blankets are great to offer in the colder months.

  1. Play relaxing music. It will set the mood in the salon and relax clients who may have been running around moments before. Avoid the radio with annoying highly compressed ads and play your music at a comfortable level.