Which tweezers are best for lashing?


The best tweezers are the ones that help you to work fast with the minimum amount of hand strain. Here are some suggestions to help you choose. 

  • Not all tweezers are equal. Tweezers which require only a small amount of pressure when pinching them together will minimise hand strain after a long day of clients. Choose a reputable brand like Vetus which require the lightest of touch.
  • The short tweezers that you use for plucking brows will do you a disservice. If you are using them, stop. Length is best with lash tweezers because they often rest along the side of the hand as you work, and because they have more length passed your gripping point they are easier to tip and tilt and therefore maneuver. Ever wonder why chopsticks are so long? Pens too. Length works best for work that requires fine motor skills with your hands. Long tweezers create less strain on your hands and give you a faster lashing time. 
  • X type tweezers, which you release to grip instead of pinching, are not good for speed and can make you un-prepared and too slow for crossing over into Volume 3D lashing. This is because the muscle memory is the opposite for what you need for Volume. It’s not recommended you use them.
  • Choose tweezers that are light. The less weight, the less strain.
  • Keep a spare pair in case of accidents. If you drop your tweezers and they land on the floor tip down you will bend the fine tips lash extension tweezers all have. They won’t grip effectively or without hand strain, if at all. 

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