One way to increase profits is to increase your average client spend.

Do you know how much your average client spend is? Most POS software can pull this information up for you but it’s an easy enough calculation to do. Take a period of time, I advise 4 weeks or longer, and divide your total sales for this period by the amount of bookings you have had.

Say it works out to be $100 per client. Can you increase this by $10? Can you see how this could add up by the end of the year and increase your profits?

There are a few ways you can do this. You can increase prices. Most people expect prices to go up. They know your running expenses increase each year. You will be surprised how little objection you get when you ignore that knot in your stomach and do it.

You could choose to increase prices for only some of your services. For us lashers it can be easier to increase prices on lash sets rather than infills as customers are less price sensitive to irregular purchases.

A third way to do this is to introduce a new service with a higher price point. Volume or 3D eyelash extensions is a perfect example.

Another, and probably the most common way, is to upsell. Do you ask your clients if they would like a brow shape too when they lie down? Do you have retail for sale in your reception area?

Go over aftercare with all new clients and mention your products which help with lash retention and care. Place products on the counter that are within client reach so they are able to physically pick up and look at them; it’s the prime position for impulse purchases. 

Any of these ways will drive up your average client spend. Try it and see for yourself.


Increasing your average client spend checklist:

- Increase your prices

- Increase prices for some of your services

- Introduce a new service with a higher price point

- Upsell side services

- Sell retail

- Advise new clients of aftercare and aftercare products that you retail

- Display retail on the counter where impulse purchases are optimal